Program Update 1 – Kickstarter First Week

Greetings CrowdExplorers!

Here’s the latest update on our Phase 1 Kickstarter as well as the latest from our development team.  First, let’s talk about how the Kickstarter is going.  As of today, we are 1 week into the campaign and we’ve raised a total of $18,758 from 63 individual backers, which represents 67% of our overall goal!  We have 24 days remaining now, and we are confident that we will hit 100% and receive our funding.

We’d like to hit it soon, so that we can begin the serious planning activities for June & July, when we will scan the MDRS facilities and terrain, and we’ll begin to assemble our VR environment.

There are several of our limited-edition Medal Medallions remaining, and we also have several seats available on Crew 197 in October, which will be the first-ever crew for the MDRS with members of the general public.  Please pledge generously to our Kickstarter!

Second, we have created a 6-minute Program Video Update which answers some of the most frequently-asked questions we’ve received.  We are planning to do these regularly.

Finally, here’s all the news articles and media that came out about the project this week.  This is only the beginning! article

Spaceflight Insider article

Red Planet Radio podcast

Youtube trailer video for our Kickstarter

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