Program Update 2 – Kickstarter Week 2

Greetings CrowdExplorers.

Our latest Program Video Update is out, where we provide status on the Kickstarter.  We are at 75% of our goal so far!  Thanks everybody for your support of this important and exciting project.

This week, we are featuring the work of Stuart Spence.  He is an expert on the Unity game development platform, and is an educator that uses 3-D game development in the classroom as a teaching tool.  I came across Stuart’s work recently, but he’s been at this for awhile, even speaking at our 2015 convention.

He’s created an open source game called Martian Agora that uses real physics for the different 3-D models of hardware in the game.  This is an area of interest for us, as we hope to make MarsVR a serious research tool for space science, but also a great way to learn both programming and about space.

We see people like Stuart as great partners as we begin our work to build the Phase 1 environment of MarsVR, and for our long-term success.  Next week, we’ll feature another development team that we’ve been in communication with, and I’m really excited to roll out that announcement.

This week, we also created a new reward level for the Kickstarter, where we’re offering embroidered patches, just like the ones astronauts wear.  We have three different designs, and you can acquire these pledging at the $25 level (for first time backers), or by adding $20 to your existing pledge for each patch you’d like.  Feel free to pick and choose which design you’d like and purchase as many as you’d like to help the Kickstarter.  After the Kickstarter ends, we’ll send you a survey so you can select which patch you’d like, and how many, based on the amount you pledged.


Until next time, I’ll see you on Mars (in VR!)

-James Burk, Program Manager, MarsVR