The future of Mars colonization begins with VR and video games –

The MarsVR project was mentioned prominently in an article that was featured on the front page of  Our project was one of the main subjects of the article and featured extensive quotes and other materials provided by James Burk, Director of IT & Program Manager of MarsVR.

“To make these missions more accessible, the [Mars Society] is developing MarsVR — an open-source VR platform that brings viewers to the desert base to explore the landscape. The platform will be both an educational tool that anyone with a VR headset can download, and a training tool for crews before they arrive at the Mars Desert Research Station. MarsVR will allow crew members to virtually practice living on the station — learning how to put on a spacesuit, operate the air lock and rovers, and cook freeze-dried food, all before stepping foot on the base. You’ll also be able to explore a square mile of the terrain around the base. From an engineering perspective, it’s what it would actually be like to build a Mars colony and walk around.”