Marsvr article on MarsVR crowdfunding campaign

The MarsVR project was mentioned prominently in an article that was featured on the front page of  Our project was one of the main subjects of the article and featured extensive quotes and other materials provided by James Burk, Director of IT & Program Manager of MarsVR.

Using virtual reality, you could explore the surface of Mars from the safety of planet Earth. 

The Mars Society, a space advocacy group supporting the human exploration of Mars, has partnered with virtual reality (VR) companies to launch a crowdfunding campaign for MarsVR, a project that aims to create a VR simulation of what it would be like to experience the surface of the Red Planet. The campaign, which aims to raise a minimum $100,000 for the project over the next six weeks, is being held on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo; you can find details here